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Community-Based Day Supports


Our CBDS services are ailored around individual needs tand preferences.  Funded by the Department of Developmental Services, activities are community based, with full integration and inclusion into the community.  Activities take place in mainstream settings with small group ratios.

Day Habilitation Program


Our day program is goal-oriented and offers a structured schedule with an array of community activities. Program hours are Monday - Friday for 6 hours each day, year round.   Our participants are in the community everyday!  Members attend a minimum of 3 days a week, with the majority  choosing to attend  the program 4, or 5 days a week.

Typical ratio is 1 staff to 7 participants.

Transitional Services


Our Transitional Services follows the home school district calendar which is typically September - June, and also offers a 6-week summer program.  We have small class sizes to allow students the opportunity to work on individual goals and interests. Students are out in the community daily for recreational activities in addition to classroom time. 


Must qualify under the Department of Developmental Services and be either: a working-age adult looking to explore a pathway to employment, or an individual with a part time job.  All members are individuals who need a structured, supervised program during the day to enhance employment skills and allow the person to pursue specific interests and develop new skills.


Must have MassHealth. Must also have a developmental disability that is likely to continue indefinitely and results in functional limitation in three or more of the following areas: 

  • self-care; 

  • understanding the use of language;

  • learning; 

  • mobility;

  • self-direction;

  • or capacity for independent living. 


Student must be aged 18 to 21  and still attending school, who are looking for an out-of-district placement. Must have a 504 plan or IEP in place.  Home school district must agree to fund the placement. 

Types of Activities

Types of Activities

Activities could include:

  • Employment related workshops and classes

  • Career exploration

  • Travel training

  • Benefits counseling

  • Skills training for a specific occupation

  • Socialization activities to support and enhance interpersonal skills

  • Health and Wellness classes

  • Independent living skills

  • Volunteer opportunities 

  • Social activities, and more. 

  • Team sports

  • Accessing community classes and resources offered at the YMCA, community centers, etc.

  • Volunteering

  • Comparative shopping and cooking classes

  • Social Skills training

  • Money management/budgeting classes

Types of Activities

  • MCAS prep, if applicable

  • Work on new and e IEP goals

  • Budgeting, planning and cooking

  • Social Skill instruction

  • Vocational and Transportation training

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Daily exercise (going to the gym, local rec centers, hikes)

  • Classes at community colleges

  • Other classes offered in community

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