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Life is a reciprocal exchange. To move forward, you have to give back."  -Oprah

2022 Fundraising Appeal

We strive to make a difference in lives of very bright individuals that need social interaction support as they transition to greater independence.  COVID-19 has changed the world as well as the way we provide services. We are committed to keeping our members safe while also continuing to help them achieve their goals. Thank you to our community who helped fund our essential needs during the height of the pandemic with funds to cover program supplies, program activities, PPE, etc. All were both hard to find and costly, you are all truly appreciated.  

As you may be aware, we moved to a new location on 45 White Caps Lane in West Barnstable in 2020; completed substantial renovations and were able to reopen program to our members in the late Spring of 2021.  We were also able to successfully raise funds to build an outdoor shed to store our program supplies, as our new space lacked desperately needed storage space.  The shed construction is currently underway.


Our fundraising goals this year continue to be focused on our new space.  We have some substantial needs to address with items such as replacement windows, resurfacing the parking lot, accessible entryways with mechanical doors, substantial tree trimming, landscaping of overgrown bushes and an outdoor meeting space. Our priority this year is the immediate need to replace our old leaky windows. Despite the addition of insulated window coverings, space heaters, and enormous fuel bills, the cold was just uncomfortable for all.


Most of the Moving Forward’s revenue comes from contracts with state agencies including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and the Massachusetts Department of Medical Assistance.  Special items and enhancements to are space are funded through fundraising activities like the Falmouth Road Race, clothing drives, bake sales, and donations from kind and generous people within our community.


Please consider donating to Moving Forward.  Donations of any size make a HUGE impact to a small non-profit like Moving Forward, Inc., especially during this difficult time.  Your donations go directly to supporting our members as they involve themselves in activities under these new COVID_19 guidelines to achieve their goals.   This year has been full of challenges, but with the help of our members, staff, and community we are moving forward towards a bright future!

Donations can be made one of two ways;

  •  Check -  made out to Moving Forward and mailed to 45 White Cap Lane, West Barnstable, MA 02668 or drop it off in person! 

  • Donate button - below to make a secure Paypal donation via bank account or credit card.

Our team works very hard to support our families by ensuring all individuals have choices and those choices are honored.  The Moving Forward team is quite aware of  what really matters;  it is about continuing to learn, laugh, cry, and rejoice with the amazing people we serve.

Our team works to serve you – thank you in advance for your generous partnership and support, and for your kind words when we really needed a kind word.

Please, make a contribution today

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Having perseverance is all about being able to bounce back and keep moving forward. Jason Scotts,

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